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cookrat productions

Max & Natalie LIVE!

No audience. No celebrities. Not even live.

“Max & Natalie LIVE!” is a late night public access talk show co-hosted by Max Reinhardsen & Natalie Rich of Cookrat Productions. 100 episodes aired weekly on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Wednesdays nights at 10:30 EST and YouTube Thursday mornings from March 2017 until May 2019.

“Max & Natalie LIVE!” has been featured in TimeOut NY, X Magazine and plastered along the walls of the Times Square 42nd Street subway station in partnership with TodayTix and The People’s Improv Theater. They talk to over 100 guests, including a wizard, a cat, a kid, past and present lovers, strangers from Central Park, Craigslist and TaskRabbit, athletes, puppets, mimes, alcohol, and even themselves!

Memorable moments include animal channeling, hula hooping, palm reading, cream tasting, ping pong, “never have I ever,” modeling, meditation, relationship advice, live music, and even in-studio haircuts! They’ve been known to take it to the streets from time to time, with remote segments from Midtown to Mexico to Vermont. Kirby Adams of the Courier Journal says, “Their talk show is sort of a "Kathi Lee and Hoda" (without the wine or whining) meets "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis" (with way less famous guests).”

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THE weekend detectives

Crossing the line. 24/2.


Meet Alex and Alice McNally: part-time cops, full-time twins. Anything they say or do can and will be used against them.


After their father, the former Chief of Police, died in the line of duty, the McNally twins were thrown into the force to fulfill his last dying wish. Underqualified and overconfident, they are only permitted to work weekends. They are assigned “special police tasks” which often get them “in way over their heads.”

The show was an Official Selection in Short Comedy at the 2017 Independent Television Festival, where Natalie won Best Actress in a Comedy for her role as Alice McNally.

Tubefilter named "The Weekend Detectives" one of their Top 5 Web Series of 2016. “Max Reinhardsen and Natalie Rich’s series matches up favorably against shows with far larger resource pools. It has the sharp plotting, amusing characters, and witty script it needs to be a top-notch workplace comedy, digital or otherwise.”

Comedy Cake claimed it to be “just the part-time crime warrior series you need."


Decider called the show a “wonderfully wacky web series full of hilarious running gags and subtle moments that make it a stand out series, and the supporting cast (particularly Chief Daniels, played by the effortlessly deadpan Brian Russell) ensures that the McNally siblings are never lacking exceptional scene partners.” 

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